20 Juli 2024

Twisted Metal’s Anthony Mackie Teases Possibility for a Second Season

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While many may remember Anthony Mackie soaring the skies as Falcon, fans of the gritty Peacock series Twisted Metal know him better as John Doe. The talkative amnesiac milkman navigating the treacherous roads of a post-apocalyptic wasteland became an instant favorite, especially with that heart-stopping season finale that left viewers gasping for more.

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Anthony Mackie’s portrayal of the chatty milkman, navigating a wasteland with no memory of his past and entrusted with a mysterious package, has been creating buzz. The series itself boasts an ensemble cast with Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Neve Campbell, and wrestler Samoa Joe playing pivotal roles. Will Arnett lends his voice, adding another layer of star power. The conclusion of its debut season sees John uncovering the true reason behind his enigmatic task, hinting at more thrilling episodes to come.

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Mackie, in a candid conversation with Deadline prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, expressed his aspirations for his character’s arc in the potential follow-up season. He envisions John grappling with formidable challenges, necessitating a maturation process for his character. This glimpse into Mackie’s mindset stokes the embers of excitement for fans eager for the next chapter.

He’s going to have some challenges that’s gonna come his way, that’s gonna force his hand to be more of an adult and make some really tough decisions because you can’t be a milkman all your life. We’ve seen what happens to milkmen. So you have to decide what’s most important — hold your milkman status, or grow up and be an adult.

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The indicators from Mackie’s disclosures don’t solidify anything regarding the show’s future. The prevailing strikes fighting for fair wages in the industry further muddy the waters. Such actions can stall the announcement of new contracts and deals.

A foray into Peacock’s recent strategic decisions might provide some insights. The streaming giant, in 2022, laid to rest the applauded Saved by the Bell reboot. The reason? An evident pivot towards spotlighting “watercooler” series — shows that have the potential to create ripples in pop culture. A notable example is Bupkis, Pete Davidson’s semi-autobiographical comedy, which secured a second season. Twisted Metal stands tall in this lineup, alongside other promising ventures like the Pitch Perfect spinoff and the anticipated Ted series.

The chances of Twisted Metal securing another season could be buoyed if Peacock publicizes impressive viewership numbers or if it starts making waves on the Nielsen streaming charts in the coming weeks.

On the creative front, the show’s pedigree is impeccable. The show boasts a strong creative lineage, with the genius of Deadpool creators, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, joining forces with Michael Jonathan Smith (Cobra Kai) to shape this adaptation. The way the narrative was structured in the first season suggests ample avenues for deepening the plot and expanding Twisted Metal’suniverse.

While Twisted Metal‘s future remains shrouded in mystery, the ingredients for success are evident. Stellar cast performances (especially Mackie’s), the promise of deeper character arcs, and Peacock’s strategic content decisions make a compelling case for a continuation. Cliffhangers always leave viewers in suspense, and this time is no different, with fans eagerly awaiting the next revelation.