20 Juli 2024

Twisted Metal Defies Expectations with Solid Rotten Tomatoes Score

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When the term “PlayStation adaptation” is mentioned, some eyes might roll or perhaps even glaze over with a hint of skepticism. The prominence of Twisted Metal signals a clear shift in the game’s landscape.

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For those familiar with gaming lore, Twisted Metal is no stranger. Originating from the lauded PlayStation franchise, this adaptation is anything but just a nod to its gaming predecessor. Early reports show that critics are finding it quite appetizing. Rotten Tomatoes, the revered film and series review aggregator, has bestowed the movie with a favorable 68% rating. To decode that for the less digitally versed, the movie is stamped as “Fresh”, which in Rotten Tomatoes parlance, is a mark of quality. Now, while the jury is still out on public opinion—with audience reviews trickling in—critics are placing their bets in favor of the movie.

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But what’s the buzz all about? Twisted Metal takes its audience on a treacherous journey with John Doe, portrayed by the versatile Anthony Mackie. He’s no ordinary courier; he’s threading his way through a perilous wasteland, chased by wild and blood-hungry foes, all for a package. Among the rogues is the series’ notorious mascot, Sweet Tooth—a role for which WWE’s Samoa Joe seems born. And if his menacing physicality wasn’t enough, we have the comedic genius of Will Arnett adding voice to this notorious character, adding layers of complexity and humor to the antagonist.

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Arnett’s take on Sweet Tooth presents a fascinating blend. He steers clear of the nightmarish shadow of iconic characters like Pennywise from the IT series, sketching out a character that, while intimidating, carries a touch of humor. Sweet Tooth isn’t here to haunt your nightmares; he’s upfront about his intentions – and they’re sinister, yet surprisingly comical.

This blend of darkness and humor isn’t merely restricted to Arnett’s character. The Peacock series channels this essence throughout, ensuring that the game’s trademark macabre humor shines through. Anthony Mackie, celebrated for roles such as in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, found a canvas in Twisted Metal to showcase his lesser-known humorous side. Many found this insight refreshingly surprising. Mackie disclosed how his innate humor was woven into the character of John Doe. His manager, Jason Spire, amplifies this sentiment, hinting that while Mackie’s dramatic prowess is acknowledged, this series will spotlight his comic brilliance.

The series, shaped by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, pledges a compelling fusion of comedy, determination, and thrilling sequences. The ten-episode journey, now available for streaming on Peacock, seems to be an unmissable affair. ‘s Julian Roman also did a thorough review of Twisted Metal. Roman states, “It’s the perfect binge-watch for those looking to decompress with raucous humor, awesome action, and brisk pacing.”

“Twisted Metal is a glorious blast of unrepentant carnage. The big surprise is a smarter than expected plot with several clever reveals. Old school fans and neophytes alike are going to love this crazy summer joyride.”

Twisted Metal isn’t just another game-inspired movie; it’s an amalgamation of humor, talent, and gripping storytelling, further cementing the belief that when games transition to the big screen or series, they’re not just for fans – they’re for everyone.