22 April 2024

The Witcher’s Writer Ignites Controversy Over Season 3 Finale Posts Amid SAG Strike

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Drama in streaming media isn’t limited to what we watch. Lately, The Witcher has been in the limelight not for its narrative but due to one writer’s deeds. The discourse reached its peak last week when writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach stirred up a hornet’s nest by posting about the series’ latest episodes.

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Freshly released on Netflix, the concluding chapters of Henry Cavill’s odyssey as the titular Witcher generated significant excitement among fans. However, it was Grillo-Marxuach’s social media enthusiasm on X (previously known as Twitter) that caught the eyes of many. As the Writers Guild of America strike continues, his social media updates drew criticism from some quarters, with whispers of “scabbing”—a term for those defying strike movements.

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Javier Grillo-Marxuach was swift in his response. In subsequent posts, he clarified that he hadn’t violated the WGA’s strike rules. The guild permits writers to discuss their projects on platforms like social media, provided it isn’t a directive from their employer. To highlight his solidarity with the striking writers, Grillo-Marxuach took down his original posts.

In his statement, Grillo-Marxuach expressed,

“[I] was accused of scabbing for posting about, and showing the title card and promo for The Witcher – which [I] did of my own volition and not at the request of my corporate overlords – and for engaging with fans of the show. [W]hile my actions are completely within the guild’s strike rules… [I] can also understand how they can offend others and appear as a lapse in solidarity. [So I’m] taking my posts down. [I] am not doing this to admit fault or by way of apology but to make sure that my loyalty to the guild and commitment to the strike are without question.”

Grillo-Marxuach’s comments underlined the convoluted nature of the current climate. Adding to the discourse, writer Ed Solomon, renowned for the Bill & Ted series, voiced his support, stating,

“Dude don’t beat yourself up or even worry about it. The reason the guild allows us to do exactly what you did is they realized that writers not being associated with their own work also hurts writers. They’re trying to walk a fine & imperfect line. And so are you. As are we all.”

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From Cavill to Hemsworth: The Evolving Journey of Geralt in The Witcher

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One can’t help but wonder if Grillo-Marxuach’s excitement stemmed from the climactic nature of the season. Henry Cavill’s journey as the iconic Geralt of Rivia wrapped up in The Witcher season three, but the show has yet to unfold further chapters. The next chapter will see a fresh face with Liam Hemsworth stepping into Geralt’s boots. The anticipation builds, leaving fans speculating whether the series, with its new protagonist, will extend beyond its fourth season.

For those eager to journey through the tumultuous world of The Witcher, the initial three seasons are available for streaming on Netflix. As for the upcoming season with its refreshed cast? The premiere date remains shrouded in mystery, much like the tales from the Continent itself.