19 April 2024

The Simpsons Get a Live-Action Glow-Up as "Normal" People In New AI Fan Art

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The Simpsons has been running for so long that is seems unthinkable to see it ever coming to an end. Having put the Springfield family on the big screen, delivered a crossover with Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy and fully integrated themselves into being a go-to reference for random quiz knowledge, the question is where could it possibly go next? Live-action seems to be the usual route for this kind of thing, and for better or worse AI fan art is always on hand to show what this could look like if it ever did happen.

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Recently, one AI video imagined what would happen if live-action versions of Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart found themselves in the sitcom world of Married…with Children. While this created a very unnerving final product, a new set of images based around everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family has answered the quest of what would The Simpsons look like as normal people…and this time the results are strangely stunning. As shared by Crows_HeadIC in the Midjourney subreddit, you can see below just how un-Simpson like The Simpsons could be.

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The real question this brings with it is if The Simpsons no longer look like The Simpsons, then are they still The Simpsons? Perhaps it is this kind of conundrum that will prevent a live-action iteration from ever happening, as when you take away the things that have helped it survive so long, then it loses every that makes it what it is and what people expect it to be.

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The Simpsons Continue to be A Massive Pop Culture Influence

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After over 750 episodes and heading into its 35th season, The Simpsons continues to consistently deliver new episodes year after year. Despite some believing the series should have ended over a decade ago, there are still plenty of fans out there who are happy to take whatever the show throws at them. Part of that is down to the series being so ingrained into the public consciousness that it is hard to imagine a world without The Simpsons.

The merger of Disney and Fox brought The Simpsons to Disney+, allowing a whole new audience to trawl through the history of the show, as well as indulge in various shorts that have been released in the last few years. If the show was not in the public eye enough, the internet’s constant belief that the series has managed to predict some big and unexpected events, from Donald Trump’s presidency to this year’s Barbie movie, has brought even more attention to it than ever before.

There is no doubt that if The Simpsons did come to an end at some point, it will still never be far from the public consciousness, as most days there is something happening that makes you say, “Do you remember that Simpsons episode when…” With that kind of great power, comes not a great responsibility – as The Simpsons has never claimed to be responsible – but a longevity that is hard to see ever fading away.