18 April 2024

The Acolyte’s Manny Jacinto Reveals the Series Will Echo The Phantom Menace Vibes

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The expansive universe of Star Wars, filled with diverse heroes, shifting legends, and immense duels, is about to venture into a fresh, intriguing territory. The forthcoming Disney+ series, The Acolyte, promises not just a novel narrative but also a nostalgia-driven touchstone to the much-debated film, The Phantom Menace.

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Manny Jacinto, a lead from the series, offered a peek into the future during his recent talk with Entertainment Weekly. The Phantom Menace enthusiasts, known for its exhilarating combat scenes, have something exciting on the horizon. For those who vividly remember the intense duel between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul, Jacinto suggests that The Acolyte is geared up to meet, if not outdo, those standards.

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Suggesting a departure from the more recent outings in the franchise, Jacinto indicates that combat in The Acolyte will have a more visceral and physical feel. However, the series aims to do more than merely mirror the components that drove The Phantom Menace to its success.

In a bold move, The Acolyte is treading new grounds by opting out of the customary blasters that usually punctuate the Star Wars battle scenes. This refreshing choice will likely bring a distinctive rhythm and choreography to the action sequences, offering viewers a novel experience. Dafne Keen revealed during the interview,

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but I will just say it. There’s a lack of guns, which personally as someone who loves fighting and stunts and stuff, I love. Because it gives you that body-to-body choreography — that dance feeling. It actually looks like a real fight as opposed to just I point and I shoot, which is kind of an easy cop out in a way. We get a lot of that body-to-body.”

The narrative backbone of The Acolyte is shrouded in mystery, with a series of inexplicable murders rocking the galaxy. Amandla Stenberg plays the lead role, depicting a young woman previously linked to the Jedi Order. Her path diverges from the Order, but destiny has a peculiar way of reconnecting old threads. As the galaxy gets veiled in darkness, a past guide draws her in, compelling her to solve the riddles that risk the harmony of the cosmos.

While fans might miss the presence of well-known faces, the ominous undertones suggest that the stakes have never been higher.

The Acolyte Explores the Prelude to The Phantom Menace

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Via: Lucasfilms Ltd.

But why the absence of beloved characters, fans might ask. The Acolyte chooses to transport its audience to a relatively unexplored era, a full century before the events of The Phantom Menace. This epoch, known as the High Republic, was a time of glory for the Jedi Order. As members of the Order were held in high regard throughout the universe, it signaled a period of unparalleled peace and richness. As a connecting thread, the series scrutinizes the convoluted events and determinations that drove the galaxy’s growing doubts about its former heroes, peaking in the scene where Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi encounter a rare talent in the desert lands of Tatooine.

The Acolyte carves its distinct space in the Star Wars narrative. It’s an ambitious attempt to shine light on a dimly lit chapter of the Star Wars chronicles, blending familiar elements with new narratives. While it remains uncertain whether this series can encapsulate the allure of previous entries, Manny Jacinto’s perspectives and the unique hurdles its characters encounter position The Acolyte to etch its mark in Star Wars lore.