16 April 2024

Star Wars Actor Billy Dee Williams Reveals Release of New Memoir

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  • Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams is set to release a memoir titled “What Have We Here?”
  • The memoir, published by Penguin Random House, will also touch on Williams’ passion for painting and his roles as a husband, father, and grandfather.
  • Williams’ upcoming memoir is described as a fun and inspiring portrait of an actor who loves life.

Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams has revealed that he has a new memoir coming out after previously teasing his fans on social media, PEOPLE has revealed. Last month, the Brain’s Song star shared a image that declared “Something exciting coming soon.” And that “something exciting” is his memoir, which is all set to be titled “What Have We Here?” and comes courtesy of Penguin Random House.

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In a more recent post shared recently, the actor stated, “I am thrilled to share that something truly magnificent is coming soon. This is a dream come true for me, on all that has sustained and carried me through a lifetime of dreams and adventure, it is my honor to share with you. Make sure to enable notifications for stories and posts to stay in the loop, you don’t want to miss this… May the Force be with you all.”

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While some fans might have though that the Williams’ news would be related to Star Wars, that has turned out not to be the case. PEOPLE has offered an exclusive look at the cover of The Empire Strike Back star’s upcoming memoir, titled What Have We Here?, which features an image of Williams wearing a cape as his popular Star Wars character, Lando Calrissian.

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Penguin Random House/PEOPLE

Billy Dee Williams’ Upcoming Memoir “Is Fun and, Like Billy, Hard to Resist”

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20th Century Fox

In a statement to PEOPLE, the book’s editor Victoria Wilson said, “Billy Dee Williams has had a fascinating life and career. The book he writes is fun and, like Billy, hard to resist and draws you in.”

In his forthcoming memoir Williams will share experiences from his almost eight-decades-long career, which according to the book’s publisher Knopf, was “unchecked by the racism and typecasting so rife in the mostly all white industry in which he triumphed.” The LEGO Batman Movie star will also reflect on his passion for painting and his life as a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

While speaking about his writing process, Williams said, “I saw how absurd my life has been at times. And how fortunate it’s been. I had fun reliving those memories. I hope it brings back memories for readers too.”

Williams career in entertainment first began on Broadway, eventually leading the actor to work on the screen. The star’s first movie role was in Paul Muni’s The Last Angry Man. According to the NightHawks star, it was Muni who told Williams that he could play any character he wanted “no matter the way you look or the color of your skin.” The Star Wars actor said, “I saw how many times throughout my life I wanted to go right and some force in the universe caused me to turn left instead, and things worked out.”

Williams stated that his upcoming memoir is “a riveting, inspiring portrait of a spirit unlocked, a portrait of an actor who loves life.” The star added, “So many people over the years have let me into their life. Now it’s my turn to let people into [mine.]”

What Have We Here? is due for release next year, on February 13, 2024.