30 Mei 2024

SAG-AFTRA Defends Interim Filming Agreements After Facing Criticism For Allowing Work During Strike

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A reported by Deadline, SAG-AFTRA recently responded to the criticism regarding their decision to allow some actors to keep working during the ongoing strike. SAG-AFTRA defended the interim filming agreements saying that they “disagree” with those saying that letting some movies and shows move forward could “prolong the strike.”

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Amid the strike, SAG-AFTRA’s interim agreements have granted independent projects the ability to continue production as long as they agree to the guild’s terms.

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Deadline noted that critics of the interim agreements have included stars like Sarah Silverman who previously referred to the actors that have continued to work as “scabs” though the comedian later stated on social media “I know I just must not be understanding something.”

In a statement to its members SAG-AFTRA said, “Some have suggested that the Interim Agreement might prolong the strike, but we disagree. We believed the leverage created by increasing competitive pressure on the AMPTP and denying them what they want most will force them back to the table and help bring this strike to an end.”

The message continued, “We understand the concern that our Interim Agreement may produce content for struck companies to distribute. We are confident that the terms of this agreement, particularly the streaming revenue share, will make distribution of these projects through AMPTP platforms unfeasible, until such time as an industrywide agreement has been reached.”

SAG-AFTRA Said That They Are “Only” Striking “AMPTP Companies”

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from Entertainment Weekly

SAG-AFTRA additionally noted that before they began negotiations the committee “made the decision to allow producers, who may otherwise fall within the scope of the strike order, to apply for an Interim Agreement. Make no mistake, we are striking the AMPTP companies only, not independent productions that abide by the terms of our Interim Agreement. It behooves us to make this strategic move.”

They went on to say that “The Interim Agreement gives many of our journeyman performers and crews the opportunity to pay their rent and feed their families. This approach maintains our strength, solidarity and upper hand with the AMPTP until they yield to the deal we deserve.”

The SAG-AFTRA statement then added that “The Interim Agreement is not a waiver” before going on to say that “it is a contract that includes all terms and conditions for producers looking to employ our members on their specific independent productions.”

Another part of the negotiating committee’s statement declared that, “The Interim Agreement is a vital part of our strategic approach to these negotiations and to the strike. If the AMPTP continues to refuse to bargain, our strategy denies them the ability to freely make their own original productions, allowing everyone other than the AMPTP to produce content with our members.”

The message went on to “encourage” independent workers to get an interim agreement, saying, “We urge independent producers to apply and encourage SAG-AFTRA member to work on the projects that obtain an Interim Agreement, along with all of the other permissible work we support.”

SAG-AFTRA wrapped things up by saying, “We will continue to work hard to negotiate fair compensation and safe working conditions for our members, and we thank you for your continued support through the strike.”