20 Juni 2024

‘S3Xy’, ‘eXposure,’ ‘eXult’: Elon Musk renames conference rooms to match Twitter’s new X branding

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‘S3Xy’, 'eXposure,' 'eXult': Elon Musk renames conference rooms to match Twitter’s new X branding

Being the eternal troll and marketing genius that he is, Elon Musk, soon after renaming and rebranding Twitter in to X, has renamed all the conference rooms in Twitter’s head office. The new names, all play around the alphabet X

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After less than a year of acquiring the social media giant Twitter for a whopping $44 billion, Elon Musk decided to rebrand it as X.com. The transition has already begun at Twitter’s headquarters, where conference rooms have been renamed to reflect the change. According to The New York Times, Musk opted for names like “eXposure,” “eXult,” and “s3Xy” for these rooms. The official unveiling of the new X logo took place at the San Francisco headquarters, replacing the iconic bird logo that had been in use for over a decade.

Interestingly, the famous blue bird logo was also removed from the headquarters cafeteria. Additionally, there were plans to take down the six letters spelling “Twitter” from the building’s exterior, but this was halted by the San Francisco Police Department due to it being considered unauthorized work.

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Musk explained the reason behind the rebranding, stating that he chose “X” because he envisions Twitter evolving into an “everything app.” He pointed out that the name “Twitter” made sense in the past when the platform was mainly used for short 140-character messages like birds tweeting. However, with the platform now capable of hosting various types of content, including lengthy videos, a more versatile name like “X” fits better.

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In the coming months, Musk revealed that the company has plans to expand its offerings, including “comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world.”

The current CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, further explained the vision behind the new “X” logo, emphasizing that it represents the future of unlimited interactivity. This interactivity would be centred around various aspects such as audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking, essentially creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. The use of AI would play a significant role in enabling these interactions, connecting people in ways that were previously unimaginable.

The concept of an “everything app” resembles China’s popular WeChat app, which serves as an all-in-one platform for numerous functions. It’s worth noting that Musk has been fond of the letter “X” and has used it repeatedly across his companies. He previously co-founded x.com, an online bank in 1999, which eventually became PayPal. Interestingly, Musk repurchased the domain x.com from PayPal in 2017 due to its sentimental value.

As a result of this rebranding, the domain x.com now redirects to Twitter.

In a memo to employees, Yaccarino shared that the company would now be focusing on developing new features related to audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking. The goal is to transform Twitter into a multifunctional platform, catering to a diverse range of user needs and experiences.