30 Mei 2024

NASA-Flix: US space body to launch their own streaming service, site already up, app coming soon

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NASA-Flix: US space body to launch their own streaming service, site already up, app coming soon

NASA is also planning to be a major player in the streaming scene, thanks to a whole new service they are about to launch called NASA+. This is a part of soft rebranding exercise ahead the launch of the Artemis mission to the moon

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NASA believes that as the Artemis mission to the Moon comes closer, they are in need for an image makeover. And the best way to do so would be to take a massive step forward, digitally. As a result, they are planning a complete overhaul of their digital presence.

This will include a whole new and completely revamped website and a streaming service.

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A new look
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA is embarking on an exciting technological journey aimed at enhancing the user experience and accessibility of its online platforms. As part of this endeavour, NASA is redesigning its main websites to offer a smooth and enriching browsing experience for its audience.

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The forthcoming updates to nasa.gov and science.nasa.gov will cover a wide range of information, including the agency’s groundbreaking missions, cutting-edge research, valuable climate data, and the latest developments related to the ambitious Artemis program. By actively incorporating user feedback, NASA is dedicated to continuously improving these websites, making them more informative, interactive, and user-friendly.

NASA gets in on streaming
Besides the website overhaul, NASA is taking its efforts even further by introducing its on-demand streaming platform, NASA+. This groundbreaking platform will grant unprecedented access to the agency’s captivating Emmy Award-winning live coverage. In addition to this, viewers can look forward to brand-new series dedicated to exploring the wonders of the cosmos.

To ensure easy accessibility for audiences worldwide, NASA+ will be available on multiple major platforms. Users can download the NASA App on their iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices to access the streaming service. Moreover, NASA+ will be seamlessly integrated with popular streaming media giants like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, enabling a broad reach and providing an immersive viewing experience across various devices.

NASA+: NASA’s way to be cool again
To optimize the user experience and ensure the platform’s readiness, NASA has introduced a beta website for NASA+. This early preview allows the public to explore the upcoming service and actively participate in its development by providing valuable feedback. The beta website, accessible at beta.nasa.gov, welcomes users to share their thoughts and suggestions. NASA will utilize this input to continuously improve the platform on an ongoing basis.

NASA has exciting plans for further enhancements, including integrating the upcoming websites with the agency’s extensive multimedia libraries. Although the exact launch date for the NASA+ streaming service is yet to be announced, the release of the beta website marks a promising step towards an innovative era of space-related content and engagement.