20 Juli 2024

Marc Gilpin, Jaws 2 Actor, Dies at 56

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Former child actor and Jaws 2 star Marc Gilpin has passed away.

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Per People, it’s been reported that Gilpin died on Saturday in Dallas following a battle with gliobastoma, a form of brain cancer. He’d first been diagnosed last year, which resulted in loved ones setting up a GoFundMe to help pay for mounting medical expenses. According to the fundraiser description, there were two tumors found in Gilpin’s brain, and one could not be physically removed due to its location. After a new growth was found in April, Gilpin began stronger chemotherapy treatments before ultimately losing his battle this past weekend. He was 56 years old.

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“Marc is an amazingly strong man and he wants to continue the battle,” reads a statement posted to the GoFundMe page in May by Gilpin’s wife, Kaki Gilpin. “So do I and our boys. Any parent would be so proud of their kids if you could see how Spencer and Presley are living with this. Their kindness, quick to action, even quicker to forgive when we get snappy that they have displayed is incredible.”

Marc Gilpin Was a Former Child Star

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Born on Sept. 26, 1966, Gilpin was the younger brother of Frasier star Peri Gilpin. The former child actor may be best known for his role in the horror sequel Jaws 2, which featured him playing the role of Sean Brody, the son of Roy Scheider’s Chief Martin Brody and the younger brother of Mark Gruner’s Mike Brody. Gilpin’s sister April also had a role in the 1978 film.

Gilpin had previously appeared on the television series Thunder in 1977. He went on to appear in other TV shows in the 1980s, including CHiPs, Fantasy Island, Flying High, Silver Spoons, and China Beach. He also played the titular character in the 1978 film Where’s Willie?, while his other film appearances included roles in Earthbound, The Legend of the Lone Ranger, License to Kill, Right to Kill?, and She’s Out of Control.

After moving on from acting, Gilpin would find another calling in life. He became a self-taught software engineer and started a family. Despite the financial hardships the family faced in Gilpin’s final months amid his cancer battle, a GoFundMe update from the family noted the positive shift in the household. It noted how grateful the whole family had been for the continued support along with the time that they all still had together, as they were making the best of it.

“We still don’t know what short/long term looks like, but we are living our lives in a positive way as we pay more attention to the wonderful aspects of our life together and the rare love we share,” reads an update posted in December 2022. “Lots more affection and gratitude daily. I know how many people are supporting us in so many different ways during this time and we never forget to be thankful for that.”

Gilpin’s survivors include his wife, Kaki, along with their children, Spencer and Presley. Our thoughts go out to them at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Marc Gilpin.