30 Mei 2024

Lackadaisy Webcomic Rallies Crowdfunding Troops with a Season 1 Teaser Trailer

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Lackadaisy, the beloved webcomic by Tracy Butler, is no stranger to captivating its vast reader base with its distinctive art style and engrossing narrative. However, the latest buzz isn’t only about the webcomic. The team behind Lackadaisy recently unveiled an emotionally-charged teaser trailer for the upcoming animated series, showcasing protagonist Rocky’s somber journey to return to a presumed family home, only to find it deserted. The trailer’s evocative mood isn’t all gloom, though, as it concludes with a heartwarming scene of Rocky playing the violin, and a glimpse of characters Mitzi and Atlas May.

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The teaser accomplishes two things: sparking interest among fans and announcing the beginning of a crowdfunding initiative. This move, as strategic as it is engaging, has turned heads and opened wallets. By providing a direct link to Lackadaisy‘s BackerKit campaign in the video description, the creators have seamlessly bridged the emotional connection of the trailer to the tangible action of supporting the project.

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The response? Overwhelmingly positive. More than 6,200 backers have come forward, not only meeting but surpassing the initial goal of $125,000. The count, at last glance, was an impressive $743,720. For Lackadaisy to realize a complete five-episode season, the target is a neat $1 million, and if the current momentum is any indicator, they’re well on their way.

Crowdfunding isn’t solely about collecting money; it’s about fostering a rapport between makers and their enthusiasts. Lackadaisy acknowledges this by offering backers an array of enticing perks. The most modest support tier, whimsically termed “Tip Your Bartender,” starts at a mere dollar and serves as a symbolic gesture. On the other hand, the more substantial tiers boast a variety of collectibles – from plushies and art prints to hardcover editions and enamel pins. For the most ardent of fans and the deepest of pockets, pledges of $5,000 or $20,000 come with the opportunity to be credited as an associate producer or be reincarnated as a background character in the series, respectively.

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Lackadaisy’s Speakeasy Cats Venture into the Animated Realm

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Iron Circus

For the uninitiated, Lackadaisy transports its audience to the Prohibition era in St. Louis, weaving tales around anthropomorphic felines. The core story revolves around the employees of the eponymous speakeasy grappling with the challenges of running the establishment following the enigmatic demise of its owner, Atlas May. Rocky, the musician with a heart of gold and perhaps a few screws loose (as his “shining blue star of idiotic brilliance” descriptor might suggest), emerges as a central figure, navigating the murky waters of bootlegging.

Since its 2006 inception, the webcomic has drawn admiration for its art style, which harks back to classic photographs. This appeal isn’t just limited to readers, as the comic industry too has showered accolades, with multiple wins at the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards and a nomination for Best Digital Comic at the prestigious Eisner Awards. With a pilot episode already out since April – boasting a staggering 9.8 million views and featuring talents like Michael Kovach, Lisa Reimold, and Belsheberr Rusape – the stage seems set for Lackadaisy‘s animated series to take the entertainment world by storm.