30 Mei 2024

Ghosts of Ruin Unveils Chilling Trailer at Comic-Con

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San Diego Comic-Con, known for unveiling the most anticipated projects in the entertainment world, has once again left its mark with Gala Film’s introduction of their upcoming show, Ghosts of Ruin. The unveiling has brought a wave of excitement among fans, giving them not just a glimpse into a futuristic San Francisco but also introducing them to an innovative interactive dimension.

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This animated series, branded as “genre-bending”, teleports viewers to a near-future San Francisco. This isn’t just any future, but one dominated by advanced technology. Central to this world is the Tournament of Ruin, an event that offers an unparalleled immersive experience, thanks to the groundbreaking Neural Reality technology. It raises the question: will our known reality soon be eclipsed by the virtual world?

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At the heart of this series is an exceptional cast that’s already generating buzz. Tony Revolori, recognized for his role in Willow, takes on the character of Lee, a phenomenal gamer. Rosario Dawson, Nathalie Emmanuel, and the K-pop sensation, AleXa, along with Josh Keaton, Karen Strassman, John Bentley, and Justin Long, complete this talented line-up. As we follow Lee’s journey, we learn of his entry into an upcoming battle royale – a testament to his commendable gaming prowess. But, it’s not all games and glory. Beneath the surface of this game lies a sinister presence, stalking each player with ominous intentions.

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Ghosts of Ruin Puts the Power in the Audience’s Hands

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Image via Gala Film

What truly sets Ghosts of Ruin apart from its peers is its embrace of audience interactivity. Instead of being passive consumers, viewers are now empowered to direct the fate of the characters. This element of choice was showcased when attendees at the Comic-Con presentation were allowed to dictate the dialogue for Dawson’s character, Prism – a formidable gamer with her sights set on world dominance. Participants were given a taste of this power when presented with three dialogue options for Prism. The crowd favorite? A fierce comeback aimed at a former lover. Such choices promise to make the series not just a viewing experience but also a participatory event.

Behind this ambitious project are creators PJ Accetturo and Ryan Ramsey. The series is blessed with the capable hands of Michael Ryan as the showrunner and executive producer, accompanied by Katie Stippec and Michael Ramey in executive roles. Adding to the allure of the series is the legendary Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music, guaranteeing a musical backdrop that will evoke the right emotions. The series proudly heralds from the stables of Battle Island.

For the enthusiasts ready to dive into this captivating world, the premiere is just around the corner. Ghosts of Ruin is set to premiere on Gala Film’s website come August. With its captivating storyline, elite cast, and groundbreaking interactivity, it promises to usher in a new era of animated entertainment. One thing is certain – the boundaries between reality and virtual are blurring, and Ghosts of Ruin might just be the harbinger of this change.

Watch the trailer below: