20 Juli 2024

Body found in river buoys at Mexico border amid criticism of policy

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A body was found stuck in a barrier of buoys installed by Texas authorities in the Rio Grande river, which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border, Mexico’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday while expressing fresh safety concerns over the floating fence. Authorities are working to identify the body found in the river and determine the cause of death, according to a statement from Mexico’s foreign ministry.

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The crossing is a popular area for migrants seeking to reach the United States. The Texan government installed the barrier last month and said at the time the buoys would “help deter illegal immigrants attempting to make the dangerous river crossing into Texas.”

“We are concerned about the impact on migrants’ human rights and personal security that these state policies could have, as they go in the opposite direction to close collaboration,” the Mexican ministry said. The Texas government did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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Mexico has sent two diplomatic letters to the United States saying the barrier violates a water treaty and may encroach on Mexican territory, according to a statement from Mexican authorities published last week. The U.S. Justice Department also showed opposition to the buoys by suing Texas last month, arguing they pose threats to navigation and public safety, and present humanitarian concerns.

A joint letter from more than 60 organizations was sent to Texan state legislators on Tuesday urging them to put an end to “violent border strategies” and remove the buoys from the Rio Grande river, the Border Network for Human Rights organization said in a statement.

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