16 April 2024

Barbie Had a Post-Credit Scene with an Anticipated Cameo and a Returning Character

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Barbie almost played the MCU’s most famous card and included a post-credits scene featuring a character from the movie and a very special cameo from a huge star that is part of the cast but didn’t actually appear in the movie.

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After just two weeks at theaters, Barbie has become one of the major hits from 2023, and an iconic movie for Warner Bros. Discovery’s history. The Barbenheimer phenomenon has brought great new for the industry, and as the two movies keep dominating the box office, everyone on social media are talking about both Greta Gerwig and Christopher Nolan’s stories. And there are still a lot of details about the productions that haven’t been shared.

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At a recent Art of the Cut conversation with editor Nick Houy it was revealed on a photo that Barbie was going to include a post-credit scene featuring Midge, the character played by Emerald Fennell, the pregnant Barbie and Helen Mirren, who’s the narrator of the film. The scene would Midge giving birth to her baby, with Mirren’s being part of the delivery assisting the pregnant Barbie.

One of the jokes about Midge being part of the film was of how bizarre the idea of a pregnant doll is, so that’s probably why the scene didn’t make it into the final cut, although it could have been fans to watch for the fans of the franchise who are familiar with Midge’s concept.

This wasn’t the only sequence cut from the film, since Greta Gerwig already revealed that they eliminated a scene that felt like a “fart opera”, which was probably another good choice, since it doesn’t feel like it would have fit the humor of the movie.

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Barbie Getting a Sequel or a Spinoff Seems Almost Inevitable

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Warner Bros. Pictures

Although Greta Gerwig has already said that she has no ideas for a second part or to build a saga based on Barbie, the enormous success the movie is having could definitely encourage both Warner Bros. Discovery and Mattel to develop way more projects related to the franchise and a continuation of the film.

In fact, Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz has already shared his thoughts on the possibility of doing a sequel, which hasn’t been approved yet but is already being considered. And even if they don’t decide to do a second part, which would be odd, Barbie has opened the door to many other stories to be told.

Barbie is full of rich and interesting characters that were superficially explored in the film and could get their own movie, such as Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie or even Ryan Gosling’s Ken, who played a major part in the story, but there’s still a lot more it could be shown from him, especially since he became one of the most popular characters from the movie. So there are a lot of options for the franchise to expand even without getting a direct sequel for the film.