20 Juli 2024

Apple ‘accidentally’ reveals a major feature upgrade about the iPhone 15 Pro series

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Apple ‘accidentally’ reveals a major feature upgrade about the iPhone 15 Pro series

Apple has accidentally leaked a vital upgrade that it is bringing to the iPhone 15 Pro series. The highly rumoured Action Button has been sort of confirmed, and will support a number of features, ranging from firing up the camera, to enabling Accessibility features

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Apple is preparing to introduce a major upgrade to the iPhone lineup with its upcoming iPhone 15 Pro series. Instead of the traditional physical mute switch, which has become a hallmark feature of all iPhones, the company is planning to introduce a new “Action Button,” which will be programmable, and therefore have multiple functions.

Although rumours about this button have circulated for a while, its exact functions have remained a mystery. However, some insights have been gained from code snippets found in the iOS 17 beta 4 update released to developers by Apple.

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According to MacRumors, the Action Button is expected to offer nine different functions. Among these possibilities, users may be able to access accessibility features such as Assistive Touch and integrate the Shortcuts app to run custom shortcuts directly from the button.

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Apple also plans to retain some familiar features, and the Action Button will likely handle silent mode functionality like the current mute switch, making it easy for users to switch their phones to silent mode when needed.

Additionally, it may serve as a shortcut to quickly launch the camera app and switch on the flashlight.

An interesting feature of the Action Button is its potential to toggle the Focus mode on or off, offering users a convenient way to manage notifications and reduce distractions for better mental well-being and digital detox.

The button could also launch the magnifier on the iPhone’s camera app, beneficial for users who frequently need to examine things more closely. Moreover, integration with the Translate app would allow users to swiftly access language translation tools, and it may also facilitate the quick initiation of voice memos.

While the features discovered in the iOS 17 beta make the Action Button a promising addition to the iPhone 15 Pro series, it’s important to note that Apple may have more surprises in store.

The full extent of the Action Button’s capabilities might be unveiled during the fall iPhone 15 launch event, expected to take place in September.