19 Juni 2024

Adam Brody Recalls Failed Guardians of the Galaxy Audition

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  • Adam Brody tried to audition for the role of Star Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but ultimately lost to Chris Pratt.
  • Brody admits that Pratt was a better fit for the role, acknowledging his physicality and tonal portrayal of the character.
  • Brody is not a fan of method acting, finding it boring and uncomfortable, preferring to turn off and on his emotions when needed for his performances.

Adam Brody really wanted to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing one of its most iconic characters, but he is definitely happy with the actor that ultimately got the part.

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It may be hard to imagine a different person playing Star Lord aka Peter Quill in the MCU, since Chris Pratt has done something amazing with the character and owed it completely from the very beginning. But, of course, he was not the only actor that tried to get the part. The OC and Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Adam Brody also read for the role, but it didn’t go as planned.

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In an interview with Variety while promoting his latest film River Wild, the actor recalled his failed audition to play Star Lord:

“I wanted that one”

Brody then added that Chris Pratt was a “better” fit for the role:

“He is bigger, stronger, but tonally, I really dug it.”

Fortunately, he then had his own chance of joining the comic book genre by being part of the Shazam! famiily, appearing at the end of the first movie starring Zachary Levi and then playing a major part in the sequel as the superhero version of Jack Dylan Grazer’s character, Freddy.

Guardians of the Galaxy, for its part, has become one of the most acclaimed sagas from the MCU, which recently came to an end with its third volume, which is now available to watch on Disney+. But even when the story told by James Gunn is over, Star Lord may return in the future for other projects within the franchise.

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Adam Brody Doesn’t Like Method Acting

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Level Film

In River Wild, which is a modernized version of 1994’s film of the same name starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon, Brody plays an ex-con who’s determined not to go back to prison. In order to achieve his gold, he does some very questionable stuff, like trying to kill the character played by his real-life wife, Leighton Meester.

When being asked about the intense scenes they have together on screen, Brody shared his thoughts on method acting, something many stars at Hollywood use, but he finds it boring:

“It sounds f*****g boring more than anything to me. It sounds ungodly boring, but hats off to them. Hats off to people that don’t watch their stuff, are Method… I don’t know, is it lacking that I can turn it off so quickly? I don’t know. I’m more comfortable this way. And it just seems so profoundly uncomfortable and also boring.”

River Wild follows a group of friends that get together for a rafting adventure, but things get dark and dangerous while they’re already in the middle of the river, with the group fighting to survive while one of them seems determined to put everyone’s lives at danger.

The movie is directed by Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night) and also stars Taran Killam, Olivia Swann and Eve Connolly.